Best Dental Patient Communication Software for Your Thriving Practice

Our intuitive best dental patient communication software is adaptable to meet all your patient and communication needs – from appointment scheduling to communication with your patients, as well as tracking, analyzing and growing your dental practice.

You can have it all: ROI, patient retention, productivity and profitability.

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A seamless ‘Interphase’ between clinics and patients

We believe in great experiences for dentists and their patients. That’s why we built patient communication software – Interphase to drive greater profitability, ROI, more satisfied patients, and greater patient retention for your clinics. With patient relationship management, dental practices can stay connected with their patients and allows you to stay on top of everything with our seamless reminder system.

The result? Happier patients, fewer no-shows, increased recall percentage and filled appointments that drive more revenue with our seamless and best dental patient communication software.


Customize Appointment Times

You can have complete control over your calendar availability with our Patient Relationship Management Software. Customize appointment types to let patient’s book exactly when you are available. Interphase Appointment Scheduling is fully integrated with a reminder system to make sure you can customize your schedule time based on your availability.

Keep Track of Patients

With our intuitive Dashboard, you can quickly see everything you need to know about your patients in one place, so nothing is overlooked! Real-time insights will enable your staff to make better and faster data-driven decisions, do more with less effort and fewer interruptions to patient care.


Fully Integrated

Appointment Reminder confirmations are fully-integrated with our Interphase –  Patient Communication Software and the patient’s appointment status automatically updated in real-time. Our Patient Relationship Management Software also provides custom filters to allow your dental practice to show your schedule online exactly as you see it in your dental PMS.

Drives Patient Engagement

Always offer an amazing patient experience for every appointment – from the minute an appointment is booked. Use Interphase seamless dashboard to send customized messages through your appointment calendar to update your patients about their scheduled appointments based on their availability.

Knock Out No-Shows

Become an appointment champion!Our Interphase – dental communication software helps to eliminate no-shows by reminding the appointments from time-to-time. Send automated or customized appointment reminders and confirmations via SMS text, email or voice calls, based on the patient’s availability. Or all three!

Boost Revenue Cycle

Spend less time digging for your dental practice ROI. Let ‘Interphase’ do it for you. Our Interphase appointment scheduling is available 24/7 and it can be integrated easily with your existing PMS system and your current workflow, which allows your patients to book appointments anytime, anywhere.


Real-time metrics built for your practices!

Interphase dental analytics software is very flexible and it can be configured to show just the information you want to see. Our seamless software for patient relationship management gives you a bird’s eye view of your practice’s metrics and delivers actionable content.

Appointment Reminder System

Our dental appointment reminder software helps you remain in constant communication with patients!

Remind your patients about their upcoming appointments/reschedules with personalized, and automated reminders with our dental appointment reminder software. Appointment reminders can be set as per their communication preference, be it email, text, or phone call by using our text appointment reminder software.

Online Appointment System

Stay patient-centered with our online appointment system!

We increase your practices’ revenue with our online appointment system that’s easy-to-use and super intuitive. Our easy-to-use and seamless Patient Relationship Management Software helps you fill more appointment times and also helps to enhance your ROI.

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