Texting is the most efficient way to reach patients. Texting is not only convenient, but it will build everlasting and strong Patient Relationships. 

If you’re still unsure if texting is the way to go for your practice, read on to know more!

If you take a look around yourself or recollect the waiting room scenes, before COVID-19 situation, most of the patients may be occupied themselves by staring at their mobiles. Right? That’s where most of the people pass the time, communicate with others, and run their schedules.

Let us ask you a quick question.How far away is your smartphone?

A few inches away, or on your computer desk, or behind you, in your coat pocket? Or are you on it right now? That’s the beauty of smartphones – they’re always with us.

That means, with texting, you can get in touch with patients easily, no matter where they are.

As per research,89% of people always have their smartphones easily accessible. So now, imagine the response rates you’ll get when you text them about their upcoming dental appointment.

Or when you message them about a last-minute appointment?

You’ll never hear, “No.”

You’ll always get a return message, “Yes, I’ll come in a few minutes!”

Always remember, when you want to get in touch with patients, just text them rather than calling them.  Because patients may be busy with their own works. So, reading a quick text and responding appropriately takes maybe 20-30 seconds.

If you make a phone call? It may take least a couple minutes of greetings, getting to the reason for the call, small talk, then finally saying goodbye. And you should be in the right place without any background noise and you should know the right time to contact them.

So, a text message is always better than a phone call!

Texting Patients Means Instant Communication

90% of text messages are read 90% within 3 seconds of being delivered.  Another reason patient responds quickly to text messages: they contain less content. The simpler the content, the easier to respond.

Just imagine a scenario, sending a quick reminder text message to a patient that they’re due for an appointment on August 3rd with, “We have an appointment for next Monday, can you confirm it?” You will get an immediate confirmed appointment within a few minutes. It’s a win-win for you and for your patients. 

That means, when you text message patients, you improve the efficiency of your communication, keep your schedule full, and boost production. Text appointment reminders are crucial to the success and efficiency of your dental practice business.


Never miss an appointment again! Strong patient relationships are the lifeblood of your practice. Keeping this in mind, we build an intuitive and easy-to-use patient reminder system.

Take your patient communication to an entirely new level with our Interphase’s appointment text reminder system. Remind your patients about their upcoming appointments with personalized and customizable texts according to their communication preferences. With our seamless appointment reminder system, you will remain in constant communication with your patients!