Plan Your Appointments … Ahead of Time!

Do you know how many appointments are scheduled every day, week, or every month?

How do you measure your appointment success rate?

With Interphase, you can check current and upcoming patient appointments, see who’s on your ASAP Lists, view and respond to confirmed appointments. The best thing is that Interphase updates in real-time, so you stay informed about your confirmed appointments and unconfirmed appointments!

As a result, you will increase appointments, reduce no-shows, and deliver even better patient care.

Tracking System


Tracking is vital for all practices, and it just got a whole lot easier with Interphase! With our Interphase Patient tracking system, you can have a detailed overview of:

• Active Patients
• Active Patients
• All Patients
• Inactive Patients
• Appointments Today
• Appointments Tomorrow
• Patients with Email
• Patients with Cell Phone
• Patients with 15 days prior appointment
• Patients with 7 days prior appointment
• Patients with due less than 30 days
• Patient due 30 to 60 days
• Patients due greater than 90 days
• Patients with no text
• Patients recall due
• Lose it or use it

Automated appointment reminders are the quickest and easiest way to cut back on no-shows and connect with patients.

Appointment and Patient Tracking System that’s scalable, customizable, and built from the heart.

Our appointment and tracking system improve communication, engagement, and access, resulting in better experiences for both patients and practices. Patients enjoy improved outcomes and more convenient ways to connect with providers. Practices gain increased appointment revenue and greater staff efficiency.

Create new patients quickly and automatically scan for available appointments.

See schedule changes in real-time.


Are you ready to offer a seamless online appointment experience to your patients? 

We can help. Schedule a demo with us and discover how we can help your dental practice to attract more patients, modernize the patient experience, and drive great revenue.


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