Dental KPI Dashboard Software

The Pulse of Your Practice

Interphase’s dental KPI dashboard software gives you a bird’s eye view of your practice. At a glance, you can track new patients, active patient ratios of production and collection per visit, total patients, account receivables, complete recall information, and insurance details. This real-time information enables you to optimize patient flow, minimize no shows, reduces recall rates, and helps you handle the unexpected.

dental dashboard software

Gain Control Over Your Practices Data

Interphase dental dashboard software is very adaptable and can be configured to show you just the information you want to see. Interphase Dashboard automatically pulls relevant information from your practice management software (PMS), combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers actionable content. This completely customizable interface allows you to adjust the metric as per your requirements.

A Deeper Level of Insight and Data – Dental Analytics Software

Are you spending a lot of time clicking through charts, software modules, identifying A/R’s, and analyzing clinical performance? Interphase dental analytics software solves these problems by automating many of the administrative functions. Our intuitive and easy-to-use custom dental software helps you to concentrate on patient care while we take care of all the major functions in the practice.

dental kpi dashboard

Dental KPI Dashboard

The True Metrics for Your Practice’s Success

Our KPI metrics not only provide a snapshot of how your practice is performing in different areas at a specific moment but also let you know how those performances are changing over time. With the dental practice dashboard, you can easily access and monitor your dental practice analytics any time, evaluate your progress, and eventually have a historical record of your practice’s business performance.

Our following KPIs help you gain a deeper understanding of how well your practices are operating:


New Patient

This KPI provides a detailed overview of the number of new patients that visited the clinic, the number of treatment plans presented to the patients, and how many patients accepted treatment plans.


The Collection KPI measures how much revenue has been collected at your dental practice from the patients and the insurance carrier.

Total Visitors

With the Total Visitors KPI you will be able to analyze the total number of patients who visited your dental practice.


This KPI helps to find out the recall rate of your dental practice i.e. how many patients revisited your clinic through our reminder system.


Production KPI measures how much revenue has been generated for your dental practice from the patients and the insurance carriers.


This KPI helps to measure the due amount from patient billing and insurance claims. The Account Receivable KPI will help show whether your practice is generating revenue or not.

End of the day

End of the day KPI represents how many active patients visited, new patients in for treatment, and how much revenue was generated and collected at the end of the day.


This KPI helps to measure the due amount from patient billing and insurance claims within the time period between 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days.

Dental Analytics Software Delivers Outstanding Insights

Interphase dental KPI dashboard insights allow you to analyze your dental practice’s growth in terms of revenue and patient flow. Our completely customizable data analytics interface allows you to adjust the metrics to what you need, and it can be easily customized by using drill-down options. Our seamless dental KPI software simplify how your practices can be managed for increased productivity and efficiency. Our custom dashboard can be integrated into your existing PMS so that you can monitor, analyze, and correct business trends that impact the success of your dental practices.

dental analytics software

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We help dental practices accelerate ROI and acquire new patients. With our Interphase – turn your thriving dental practice into a flourishing one and keep your patients coming back to your clinic for life!

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