Schedule management is imperative in any dental practice. Knowing your practice’s metrics, especially about patient appointments, allows your dental practice’s production and profitability to skyrocket. Imagine if you could look into every appointment how much this would help you boost profitability drastically. With this in mind, we’ve built Interphase to help dental practices address this very concern!

Top Reasons for Unconfirmed Appointments:

  • Patient doesn’t value the service
  • Appointment not properly confirmed
  • Patient objections or considerations are not detected and handled
  • Patient is past due on their account

 Gain Control of Unconfirmed Appointments:

  • Avoid the word cancellation when speaking to patients
  • Never fail to call patients when they are five minutes or more late
  • Be prepared with options to handle patients calling to break an appointment
  • Make firm financial arrangements before scheduling the appointment
  • Use effective verbal skills at the time of scheduling
  • Avoid breaking agreements from your end with patients
  • Emphasize the value and importance of their next dental visit

 Are Your Patients Ignoring Their Confirmation Messages?

As a dental practice owner, you want all of your patients to confirm their scheduled appointments months, weeks, and days in advance. If you’re not able to stay on top of this busy reminder schedule with all of your patients, then you should invest in an appointment confirmation system like Interphase. Interphase helps you:

  • To customize appointment times
  • Keep track of patients
  • Fully integrated
  • Drives patient engagement
  • Knock out no-shows
  • Boost revenue cycle

Minimizing Unconfirmed Appointments

Why are patients not confirming their scheduled appointments? Are they not seeing your appointment messages? Are the patients planning to come and just haven’t had time to respond? Are they just waiting to see if something better comes their way?

Are the Patients Planning to Come, but Haven’t Confirmed their Appointments Yet?

  • Is your appointment message clear enough that the patients understand that they should respond?
  • Did you send the message at a convenient time to respond?
  • Do your patients understand that it is important for them to confirm/unconfirm their appointments in advance even if they are not planning to make it?

 All these valid questions should be addressed if you want to find a solution for unconfirmed appointments at your dental practice.

Interphase Helps You Update Patient Information Regularly

If you get a call from a patient from a number that is not in your system, then you don’t need to ask them whether they are calling for the first time or not. With Interphase you’ll know right away whether they are a current or potential patient as soon as they call. Interphase does this via an integration with your PMS system which, pulls up their name and number in your system, and shows their profile on your screen automatically. This allows you to quickly update their profile and scheduled appointments as it happens, not later!

Final Thoughts: 

You want your appointment schedule to be as predictable as possible. You want all your patients to confirm their appointments. So, to increase the likelihood that your appointments go as planned:

  • Make sure that your patients’ information is as accurate as possible
  • Make your appointment confirmation texts personal

Every missed or unconfirmed appointment means lost production and lost revenue. Not to worry, with Interphase, practices can gain control over this problem by being proactive and knowing what to look for in advance. Although they can’t be eliminated, missed appointments can be minimized significantly if you follow these strategies.

Well, if you want to see an increase in your appointment confirmations and a decrease in no-shows, then try out Interphase in your dental practice.  Do you want to learn more about Interphase and its great features? Call us today and schedule a free demo!