Looking to make your dental practice’s front office run like a well-oiled machine?

And planning to offer utmost safety and comfort to your patients?

Well, you can seamlessly accomplish both at a time with our Interphase.

With Interphase’s online appointment scheduling, you can create a seamless and relaxing environment for patients while making regular tasks like scheduling easier than ever. Our online appointment scheduling also fills gaps in your appointment schedule by letting patients’ book at their available time selecting from the time slots you set as available.

Improve Patient Experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in people’s minds, you’ll find dental patients are more safety and comfort-conscious than ever before. Your patients will now want to know the steps you’re taking to ensure safety at your dental practice, and may favor distancing and shielding measures wherever possible. While you should let patients know about the best practices you already use, Online Appointment Scheduling can help you create a scheduling process that adds additional layers of comfort, convenience, & security.

The ability to schedule appointments online from their preferred area at their convenient time means patients can avoid unnecessary exposure to public places near your business. You can also provide an additional level of security on the day of the appointment by providing the option for patients to text or call from their preferred location to check in before treatment. This will surely help your patients avoid waiting in a public setting like your reception, putting your patients further at ease and helping deliver a great dental experience.

Increase Practice Efficiency with Interphase’s Online Appointment Scheduling

Interphase’s Online Appointment Scheduling also helps reduce overhead at your front desk. Typically, your staff has to interact with patients in-person or over the phone to schedule appointments.

Appointments booked online can also avoid hurdles. You can confirm your patient’s appointments with just a few clicks as we add it your website, and vital patient data is delivered securely. Once you set up your availability, you can let the appointments roll in with ease through your website seamlessly.

Happier patients. More Appointments. More Revenue.

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