Dental practice managers or dentists like you are at the heart of every dental practice and we know things can get pretty hectic! Does your ideal office day look a lot different than your real one?

No worries, Interphase is here to make your work easier!

Interphase is specifically built to save your time, automating your practice’s online appointments, reminders, data metrics to save you countless hours of work each day/week. In fact, we have specially built Interphase with dental practices and dentists in mind.

You may have a lot of options when it comes to the software you use to run your practice, but we have some advice for you: just keep it simple. Even though you can find features for practice management, scheduling, reminders, patient communication, and more, but your best bet is keeping it all in one place. 

With Interphase, a dental practice can live by its schedule. Without it, it would be impossible to plan your day, accommodate emergency patients, stay organized, and deliver exceptional service.

However, transforming your work is easier than you think with Interphase! Check out this infographic to learn how:

Summing up:


•Helps you to keep an eye on your dental practice metrics at a glance every day

•Helps you to stay patient-centered with an online appointment system!

•Quickly find an appointment or group of family appointments

•Gets instant access to all patient records

•Manages unscheduled appointments

•Helps you remain in constant communication with patients!

•Reduces manual data entry

•Synchronizes your appointment book with patient recall

•Help you to see confirmed appointment status at a glance

•You can customize daily, weekly and monthly confirmed & unconfirmed appointments reports

•Sends reminders via calls, emails, SMS.

•Boost revenue cycle

•You can keep track of your patients

•Customize appointment times

Well, Interphase offers the most intuitive way to keep your schedule in place, with features that streamline patient scheduling, follow-up, and other tasks. It’s also easier to use than most other software.

Schedule a super-quick demo with us to know more about our Interphase’s seamless features.