The process of improving patient retention involves a proactive approach to keep your patients loyal. Surprisingly, the best way to make your patients come back to your practice is all about ‘caring’, and maintaining long-lasting relationships should be one of the keys focuses of your practice.

Furthermore, implementing effective strategies for building a loyal patient-following is an important part to improve patient retention. After all, a loyal patient is worth more than the sum of his/her appointments over a lifetime. 

Also, providing customer satisfaction plays a crucial role to retain a patient than attract a new one. Achieving positive customer satisfaction requires utmost care at all stages of the service, before, during, and after the treatment. For some time now, the buzz words in value-based care have been ‘the right place at the right time at the right cost.’ 

When implemented correctly, these efforts can economically enhance your operations.  So, do you want to know the other ways that will get your patients coming back to your practice? 

Below are the practical, best practices that you may find beneficial to gain patient retention with Interphase:

1) Pre-book patient’s appointments 

Pre-booking your patient’s appointments is one of the best ways to enhance their experience at your practice as it creates a huge impact on your success. Deploy a patient communication software like Interphase to easily and efficiently schedule a patient’s next appointment right in front of them. This would definitely work best for them and to your practice. 

Remember, ‘When would you like to book your appointment?’ > ‘would you like to book your next appointment?’. This will help patients to schedule their next visit at their comfort time. 

2) Reduce no-shows with text & email appointment reminders 

Upon scheduling their appointment, try to send text and email appointment reminders to your patients. This would definitely enhance patient compliance and many practices indicate that texting and emailing reduce no-shows, which improves efficiency and productivity. When patients are more engaged, they may feel happy and more satisfied.

3) Follow-up with patients 

The value of ‘follow-up’ helps to make an unexpected, positive come back. Ensuring follow-up with patients, who haven’t and get their next appointment scheduled is critical to driving patient’s retention. 

If your patients leave without pre-booking their next appointment, do not give up on this budding relationship; instead, nurture it with a follow-up call. Interphase helps you to do so!  

4) Continue showing your ‘care’ system to your patients

Continue showcasing your care to your patients as it effectively communicates to patients that your practice wants a long, healthy, and productive relationship with them. This will further empower the patients with the knowledge to seek out follow-up care and also helps to drive better follow-up care attendance.

In conclusion, to increase patient retention to your practice, it is vital to identify and address your patient’s/prospective patient’s needs in the first place. In the next step, make sure you provide the highest quality services, highlight your professionalism, expertise, skills in the field to gain positive patient retention. 

Try to do your utmost to guarantee patient satisfaction and build their loyalty. As a result, you will retain your patients and strengthen the position of your practice on the market.

With Interphase, you can experience hassle-free workflow, and provide your patients with the best experience, schedule a demo with us! We will assist you on how to improvise your dental practice, attract more patients, and enrich their experience besides driving great ROI to your practice.