API Integrations

Seamless API Integration Possible with Your Existing PMS

Our Interphase API can be integrated perfectly into existing PMS systems. This enables you to connect to the dental practice’s information for immediate patient data and practice information access. By integrating with our API, you can build your own customized UI/web application/ mobile application. You can also move your existing PMS to a cloud database.

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With our Interphase API Integrations:

You can easily send automated appointment reminders to your patients. With Interphase, dental practices can track all the scheduled appointments, automatically send appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, and follow-ups to your patients.

We Help Dental Practice Owners to Grow on All Terms with our Seamless API Integrations
We build customizable API that suits for all dental practices, which supports popular dental PMS systems such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Softdent, and many more. Interphase acts as an interface between practices & patients and sends automated reminders via Email, SMS, Voice calls.
And what’s more! You can automatically show the available appointments on your calendar. Interphase integrates seamlessly with your existing PMS system and allows seamless online appointment booking for your patients.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Dental Practices

Interphase uses REST APIs to integrate directly with your calendar, which helps to send appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups (over SMS, Voice Calls, or Emails) to your patients.
Dental Practices using Interphase API Integrations have seen an immediate reduction in No-Shows (up to 70% reduction) and an increase in revenue and patient flow.

Custom API Integrations

Optimize your practices and maximize profitability with Interphase API :
When you take advantage of Interphase’s online booking API you can share your availability (available providers/hygienists) and allow your patients to schedule/ reschedule an appointment. All appointments booked via Interphase will be automatically reflected in your database.
Interphase mirrors your practice’s actual workflow and helps dental practices to optimize efficiency, productivity and patient care.

How Interphase API communicates with your PMS ?

We have customized windows service, which helps us to retrieve the dental practice’s data with just one click.


Window service extracts the required data from your PMS based on ‘patterns’.

Once we get the required data from multiple sources, we refine and transform the data into the designed destination tables.


Once windows service starts executing in your server and it starts communicating with PMS

Window service run based on the customizable frequency. So, that updated data can be extracted from PMS.

Our API now play the role of an interface between the cloud database and your customized user interface.

With our APIs, you can achieve:


Seamless Integration

Reduced internal administration

Improved workflow

Reduces operational cost

Increased productivity

Saves time and money

Better customer service

Reliable Performance

Curious whether your existing PMS system will integrate with Interphase or not?

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