Dental Practice owners/dentists love new patients. They provide good care and services for a patient but then let them walk out of the practice without establishing a permanent dentist-patient relationship.

In recent studies, nowadays patients are seeking dental care and that patient retention only averages about 50%. Treat every patient as a top priority and make your most important task keeping them coming back to your practice.

Here we have narrowed down three steps to keep patients coming back to your dental practice.

1. Pre-book appointments.

You can offer good choices to the patients while they are in your practice. Wondering how? For suppose, you can offer your patients, if they can schedule their next appointment while they’re in your practice, they can have an option to choose the date and time that works best for them and then you can quickly get their appointment scheduled.

And if you have a good PMS system, you can easily and efficiently schedule a patient’s next appointment right in front of them. The appointment scheduling capabilities of your PMS must allow you to create an appointment for a patient with a simple drag-and-drop method, as well as create and present multiple treatment options so the patient can schedule. Once patient selects their treatment plan, you can immediately turn it into a scheduled appointment immediately.

2. Minimize no-shows with appointment reminders.

No-shows negatively affect every dental practice. One major way to reduce no-shows at your practice is with appointment reminders. As per research, automated appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by about 25%. With a Patient Remind system like Interphase, you can have the ability to send automated appointment reminders to your patients, which is something your practice needs to bring down the number of no-shows you might experience.

3. Reach out to patients and show your practice cares.

Sometimes, a few patients may put off their dental treatment on hold for a whole, and then feel embarrassed about how much time has gone by without scheduling an appointment. This is exactly when you should reach out to them.

 Let the patient know about their pending dental treatment and all you care about is getting them back into your dental practice. Again, scheduling software like Interphase is handy in these cases.

You can quickly lookup a patient’s account and appointment details, and then reach out to those who have been absent for a while by phone or email encouraging them to schedule an appointment.

Follow these three simple ways and for sure you’ll have the greatest chance at keeping patients coming back to your dental practice.

Do you have an interest in a customized look at what scheduling for success means for your dental practice? Reach us and we can give you a quick 15-minutes demo and show you how our Interphase helps you grow your practice’s revenue, appointment rates, and new patients.