Your patients are very busy and they often do not have time to call your dental practice during the workday to schedule their dental appointments. If your practice’s staff keeps them on hold, then it leads to frustration that could prompt them to call another practice. Of course, this hurts your patient retention and costs you money, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Scheduling an appointment should be as easy and stress-free for your patients, which is why implementing online appointment scheduling in your practice is very necessary. With online appointment scheduling, patients can schedule their appointment when it’s convenient for them, no matter where they are or what the time of day.

Online appointment scheduling shows patients your practice is up-to-date – With the advent of technology, patients are expecting everything online, including scheduling appointments. If your practice doesn’t offer this benefit, patients may wonder what other technologies you’re behind on and may decide to schedule their appointment at another dental practice.

Online appointment scheduling improves practice efficiencies – If your online scheduling system is synced with your practice management system, appointments will show up as soon as your patients schedule their appointment. This saves your staff time for other tasks that benefit your practice.

Choosing a perfect solution

Now that you’re interested in online appointment scheduling, you just need to determine which one will work best for your practice.

What’s the major benefit of choosing a system that syncs with your practice management software?

 It makes the process seamless. Patients can be able to see which appointment times are available and choose the ones that work best for them. The appointments will show up in your schedule without doing anything. If the systems are not synced, there is a chance patient might pick times that aren’t really available, and that becomes messy totally. This may cause you to lose your practice’s reputation.

Increase Practice Efficiency with Interphase’s Online Appointment Scheduling

Interphase’s Online Appointment Scheduling also helps reduce overhead at your front desk. Typically, your staff has to interact with patients in-person or over the phone to schedule appointments.

Appointments booked online can also avoid hurdles. You can confirm your patient’s appointments with just a faew clicks as we add it to your website, and vital patient data is delivered securely. Once you set up your availability, you can let the appointments roll in with ease through your website seamlessly.

Happier patients. More Appointments. More Revenue.

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