Online Appointment Scheduling

Looking to make your practice more productive by integrating your PMS system?

We can help. When it comes to integration, many software vendors/ companies may give you a guarantee, but in reality, very few can only do successful full integrations.  

Your software vendor may have the ability to read certain portions of data without true access or guaranteed accuracy. But just by just reading some of the data, they can make the same data to appear by pulling open appointment slots in real-time. 

But absolutely, they can’t write a booked appointment back into your PMS. This process definitely causes a problem when the appointment slot has been filled up between your available time and when the patient schedules an appointment online.

As a result, you can receive the mismatch appointment data as per the time. Then, the provider or front desk staff needs to contact the patient to know their appointment schedule details in detail. This process may create additional work and sometimes, you may need to reschedule the appointment. However, the loss of a web visitor, who does not book appointment via online appointment system is $2500 over the life time.

Moreover, if the scheduling system misses a section of data and displays time that is not actually open, then your patients may request an appointment slot, that was never open in the first place. This causes a lot of problems in your online appointment scheduling. 

Essentially, these integrated systems that can only read data, cannot write anything other than a fancy request form. Being dental industry experts, we understand this concern of dental practices and built a truly integrated platform – Interphase specifically built for your PMS, allowing dental practices to leverage the efficiency of online appointment scheduling without requiring additional time.

Our online appointment scheduling software has seamless data integration with practice management systems (Open Dental, Eagle Soft, Dentrix), allowing us to read the data from the appointment schedule and then write data back into the PMS system. This means that patients can view your real-time appointment availabilities and schedule confirmed appointments as per their convenient time.

However, the importance of real-time data lies in the accuracy of the information and the limitation of errors. By using a direct connection into the PMS system, dental practice owners can view the data stored and push the information back to their system quickly. This limits time lapses between online appointment scheduling or other processes and keeps high accuracy.

Interphase’s integration with your PMS System:

  • Can be fully-automated
  • Works within your existing PMS systems
  • Displays online appointment availabilities in real-time
  • Enables patients to book appointments seamlessly

Are you curious to see how Our Interphase real-time integration helps your dental practices’ scheduling process? To know more, call us today and schedule a free demo!