We are delighted and excited to announce that we now have a mobile application for our Interphase. As an appointment schedule manager, the Interphase mobile app allows you to manage your online appointment schedules.

Install Interphase App

So, why did we build a mobile app for our Interphase?

We know that you always have your mobile with you. So, we thought… why not give you the ability to manage your online appointment schedules now in the palm of your hand.

Through the app you can:

  • Check patient appointment schedule information; you can view confirmed/unconfirmed appointments status.
  • View your patient list and all relevant patient information

The Interphase mobile app syncs instantly with your Interphase desktop application so you can seamlessly transition between the two platforms (desktop and android). Our Interphase mobile app is for practice use only. An Interphase customer can download the app to their mobile phone for free and log in with their Interphase credentials to review the appointment schedule, and they can get a quick view of all confirmed/unconfirmed appointment schedules information. Logging in to Interphase app requires a username and password, which is generated by creating a personnel account in the Interphase product.

Interphase is HIPAA compliant. Your practice and patient’s data are always secured and we will get all your information in an encrypted manner. 

That wraps up the initial introduction of our Interphase mobile app! Download now and enjoy!