We are well aware of the fact that when it comes to practice management software, while it’s efficient, it may have its limitations. That’s why many dental practice owners invest a lot of time, money, and energy to add additional software applications to make their practices run smoother and their lives easier.

But the question is, do they make life easier in the practice, or do they add more stress and chaos by adding additional software into their existing PMS?  

If you are looking to automate more tasks, this article will help you. Here’s a sneak-peak into our Interphase and its features. Read on!

Interphase – An ideal solution for dental practices 

Interphase makes your dental practice much easier as it was developed with an ideal solution to make your dentistry life hassle-free. Interphase also helps to automate appointment reminders, online appointment schedules thereby becoming powerful patient communication software for your dental practice.

 Interphase also reduces the need for clicking, searching through multiple files when you need information. Instead, it has all the essential patient caller information you may need in one place. You can be able to pull data directly from your PMS with an on-screen pop-up and receive important information about your caller automatically. Also, you can check previous appointments of your patients, and recall them.

Scheduling Appointments Anytime is possible

In this busy and digitalized world, patients are looking to schedule their appointments anytime. So, allowing your new and existing patients to schedule online appointments will be an added advantage to your dental practice.

Inclusion of our Interphase software in your dental practice helps your patients’ book online appointments 24/7 from any device, anytime.

Faster Workflow for Pulling Patient Information

It’s just a waste of your valuable time if you try to pull patient information through patient files Being unable to find the relevant information of your patients that too in front of them is unpleasant, also it adds more busywork and incompetence to the practice.

So, getting a better solution with faster workflow to pull patient information right in front of them with just a click makes a great difference in your practice. This will be possible with our Interphase seamlessly.

Flawless Integration & Seamless-experience

Interphase’s dashboard provides your patients’ information quickly by syncing patient data from your PMS, displays that data. Also, Interphase integrates flawlessly with all software along with your existing PMS, moreover, data from your PMS syncs in real-time to Interphase, providing you with a seamless experience.

Two-way Texting at your finger-tips

Making your dental practice more digital-savvy helps to gain more patients as many of them are looking for the easiest way possible i.e. preferring to schedule and confirm their appointments from their fingertips. Therefore, the implementation of two-way texting through Interphase can make you text your patients and reply directly in real-time.

Seamless API integration possible with your existing PMS

Our Interphase API can be integrated perfectly into existing PMS systems. This enables you to connect to the dental practice’s information for immediate patient data and practice information access. By integrating with our API, you can build your own customized UI/web application/ mobile application. You can also move your existing PMS to a cloud database. You can also easily send automated appointment reminders to your patients. With Interphase, dental practices can track all the scheduled appointments, automatically send appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, and follow-ups to your patients.

Helps to Avoid Overlapping

Interphase helps to avoid overlapping of your automated appointment reminders, recalls, and other things. Interphase automatically provides relevant data from your practice management software and further combines it with real-time actionable data to avoid overlapping and to deliver actionable information. You can also be able to optimize dental flow, reduce delays, and patients’ waiting times using our Interphase.

To conclude, you can experience hassle-free workflow, and provide your patients with the best experience, schedule a demo with us!

We will assist you on how to improvise your dental practice, attract more patients, and enrich their experience besides driving great ROI to your practice. 

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