Do you want to know an important thing less convenient than making time to leave a detailed appointment-reminder voicemail? The answer is taking time out of your busy day to listen to that voicemail while scrambling for a pen or a note-taking app, then listening to it again to make sure your wrote down the details correctly, then confirming those details in your calendar, and then calling back to confirm or cancel an appointment. It’s a lot of touch points and a lot of unnecessary back and forth. But that’s just how it’s done, right?

Wrong. At the risk of sounding like a light-night infomercial host: there really is a better way! Patient Appointment reminders are meant to be a convenience to your patients and to your staff, but with so much time and efforts required for both (Patients & your staff) to make so many phone calls, it’s easy to see why automated text reminders are surging in popularity.

Read on to learn more about our Interphase’s text reminders!

Two-way messaging

Patients demand more than ever from their dentists. Great dental care is not enough. Patients want a great end-to-end experience. One great way to go above and beyond and ensure that your patients have a cool experience is to offer a two-way text messaging platform.

Maybe a patient has a question about his/ her upcoming procedure. Or maybe they want to know if they can eat sweets or drink red wine three days after a whitening. Whatever the case may be, providing patients the ability to text back is a great, patient-focused offering that you should be using in order to give your patients the best experience possible. Interphase offers seamless two-way text messaging facility.

Text Reminders are Easier

Have you ever covertly responded or read to a text message while at work? Of course, you have! That’s because text messaging is a more practical way to reach people during the work day. Not only is the appointment information written out on the screen for them to see at a quick glance, they can also refer back to the message at any time to confirm the scheduled appointment and even take advantage of simple confirmation and cancelation options right from the same place. Simply replying “yes” or “no” to a text message is easier and more convenient. It’s that simple.

Interphase Offers HIPAA Compliant Patient Text Reminders

Protecting your patient’s privacy is always a top concern, which is why Interphase is happy to provide text reminders that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our message templates are designed to include the helpful reminders your patients’ needs to securely confirm their appointment.

Pro-tip: Do you know?

 Text messages have a 30% higher confirmation rate than phone calls and a whopping 140% higher confirmation rate than email.

Summing up, which is more effective for client appointment reminders? SMS appointment reminders or voice call reminders?  Well, for patients, scheduling appointments through text messages are quite easy than voice calls. Just text and get appointment schedules. How awesome is that?!? Isn’t it?

How do you feel about texting your patients? Do you already receive text messages from other businesses? If so, what kinds of businesses? Let us know in the comments below! Well, to learn more about our patient reminder system, visit Interphase today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right patient reminder software for your dental practice.