Maximize Patient Volume

More Appointments. Fewer No-Shows. High Revenue

How do you keep your patient flow up without getting no-shows and long wait times?
Why would you make manual phone calls when the automated solution is simpler and more effective?
Say goodbye to old-fashioned phone booking appointment system and the tiresome job of scheduling – we allow patients to schedule appointments online with just a few clicks. We’re on a mission to increase your practice’s revenue, while simplifying your hectic schedule, with our seamless patient scheduling software. From start to end, the whole appointment scheduling process takes just a few minutes.

Stay Patient-Centered with Our Online Appointment System

With our Interphase medical appointment scheduling software, patients can choose their available time at their own convenience and schedule their appointment instantly – no more phone calls. This makes the entire patient journey smooth and seamless, from booking an appointment to stepping through your dental practice door.

Attract New Patients, Drive Patient Retention, And Reduce the Administrative Burden

After booking, the patient automatically receives a confirmation email with their appointment details. We even send the patients an automated email, voice calls, and text message reminder, to make sure they remember their visit to your dental practice at the scheduled date & time.

Easier Patient Communication = Higher Response Rates and Fewer No-Shows

We improve your practices’ revenue with our online appointment system that’s easy-to-use and super intuitive. There’s never a delay in what a patient sees in the appointment calendar versus what your administrative staff sees.
Our online appointment system is available 24/7 and integrates with your current workflow, allowing patients to book anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Our Online Appointment System Can Be Fully Integrated with Your Practice’s Workflow

Our online appointment system can be fully integrated with your dental practice’s PMS, so there’s no background work. You can integrate your patient management software and streamline your online appointment scheduling process seamlessly.  Medical scheduling software can also be integrated with widely used patient management systems including but not limited to Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eagle soft.

Our Online Appointment System Strengthens Revenue and Your Relationships Alike

Our online appointment system is the simplest and fastest way to smooth out your patients’ booking experience for every appointment they book. That means you can easily achieve satisfied patients, stronger relationships, and great revenue for your practice.

Online Appointments Made Easy and your ROI will see the difference

Our easy-to-use medical appointment scheduling software helps you fill more appointments and also helps to enhance your ROI.

How Does Our Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Work? All at a Glance

Patients can view all your available appointment slots and book according to their convenience.

At a glance, patients can see all the providers availabilities and they can select a provider based on their preferred location and specialty.
medical appointment scheduling software
patient scheduling software

Interphase’s seamless and custom       online medical scheduling software, patients can choose from available slot if they have a specific time slot in mind.

Patients need to enter their details like first name, last name, email id, phone number, and date of birth to schedule an appointment online.
medical scheduling software
medical appointment scheduling software
Now patient’s appointment will be confirmed with an onscreen confirmation message.

Our medical appointment software sends an email to all the  registered email ids.

doctor scheduling software
patient appointment scheduling software

Our patient scheduling system makes a hassle-free process for you. That means all the patients’ appointments will be shown up directly into your clinical PMS system.

Reschedule Online Appointment with Our Online Patient Scheduling Software

To reschedule the appointment with our online patient scheduling software lets, patients need to follow the same steps of scheduling.

How to Cancel Online Appointment?

To cancel the appointment, patients need to click on ‘Cancel Appointment’ in the email.

medical scheduling software


Are you ready to offer a seamless online appointment experience to your patients? 

We can help. Schedule a demo with us and discover how we can help your dental practice to attract more patients, modernize the patient experience, and drive great revenue.

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