Do you know what are the metrics in your practice that need most attention?

Are you paying attention to those metrics, and most importantly, focusing on a plan for improving them?

If not, start with one or two things rather than trying to fix everything at once. And spend a few minutes looking at them each day and then discuss and plan for how you can improve. Setting goals around these areas is also a wise approach.

Remember, your dental practice metrics matter most because those numbers represent your practice’s growth. It’s as simple as that.


Have you ever got a question that how fast do high-performing dental practices grow?

As per the recent research, the top 10% of dental practices grows 30% or more year over year.

So, you should keep an annual goal to increase 30% of the growth, no matter what. Yes, even though if you have a small practice in a small town/city, you should reach your goal.

 Always remember, 30% growth is a goal that can work for your dental practice.


Do you know that high-performing practices don’t just prioritize filling chairs with new patients? Getting new patients only does so much if you’re continually leaking current patients out the back. Of course, some attrition is inevitable. But the average attrition is 35%. That means the average dental practice loses more than a quarter of their potential patients every year.


One of the best ways to decrease your attrition rate is by focusing on your pre-appointment rates. Active patients should have an appointment in your PMS system.

The research revealed that most practices assume their pre-appointment metrics is far higher than it actually is. High-performing practices don’t typically do anything magical; they just use the software already at their disposal to track down patients without appointments and get them scheduled.

 If you’re not sure what your pre-appointment metrics is or where to find it, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you. We can help you run a free practice evaluation to quickly show you how your dental practice is performing in all areas, not just pre-appointment.

Helping you to do is what we do. Our Interphase’s custom dashboard transforms your practice data into measurable, actionable numbers that help you know where you are and then empower you to get where you want to be.

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