Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling has a terrible reputation in the dental world. Dentists’ views on patients scheduling appointments online have blemished due to inefficient scheduling workarounds, double-booked appointments, tons of additional follow-up work, and fake information. 

All the dentists are wary of any sort of online appointment scheduling system. So, being dental industry experts, we have specially built a seamless online appointment scheduling software.

And we get it, 100%.

We’re glad and delighted to share that our online scheduling system is 100% different than all of the other ones in the market. We’ve worked around the clock to build a reliable and true online appointment scheduling software, which works in the same way that online booking (eCommerce) does. 

Our online appointment scheduling software allows providers to maintain complete control of their schedules while allowing patients to schedule a fully-booked appointment entirely online.

  • No follow-up
  • No workarounds
  • No manual follow-up work

How did Interphase overcome the above-mentioned concerns?

1. Additional Work

Most online scheduling software’s are simply appointment requests in disguise. That means there’s just as much work involved in scheduling an appointment as there would be if they called your practice. In most cases, dental practice’s staff needs to reach out multiple times to reach the patient and schedule or reschedule their requested appointment time. 

Interphase’s online appointment scheduling software ensures that 100% of appointments scheduled online actually become scheduled appointments. You don’t need to do anything once a patient has scheduled an appointment through Interphase. The patient’s appointments are already fully-booked and confirmed, and written into your practice management system, just as if your staff had scheduled appointments themselves.

2. Fake Patients

Patients may keep any sort of information they want – a fake name, a birthday that makes them 100+ years old, a fake email or phone number, and other fake details. When your dental practice tries to contact them to confirm their appointment, it may be impossible to track down, which leads to waste your valuable time. Our Interphase prevents this from happening through various forms of verification on all submitted contact information. Additionally, our Interphase takes it one step further and uses contact information verification to prevent the same patient from mistakenly booking multiple appointments at once.

3. Double-Booking

With other systems, double-booking is a serious problem for dentists. Most are able to read a certain column in your schedule – but they don’t have the ability to read your schedule in real-time, up-to-the-second, and they definitely don’t have the ability to write the appointment back into your PMS system, saving the scheduled appointment online. At Interphase, we’ve completely eliminated the risk of double-booking by seamlessly integrating with your practice management system. 

The Interphase Difference

Interphase was built especially in order to make scheduling an appointment easier for both the provider and the patient. 

Do you want to learn more about Interphase and its online appointment scheduling software? Call us today and schedule a super-quick free demo!