Interphase Patient Reminder System

Deliver an Exceptional Patient Experience and Impress Your Patients Every Day!

Simple and Automated Reminders

Strong patient relationships are the lifeblood of your practice. Keeping this in mind, we build an intuitive and easy-to-use patient reminder system. With our seamless automated patient appointment reminder software, you will remain in constant communication with your patients!
With our text appointment reminder software, you can engage your patient far beyond the appointment. One thing you’ll really love is – it’s easy to make sure your clients show up on time and follow through with after appointment tasks.

Built-In Functionality That Takes Your Practice a Notch Higher

Our text appointment reminder software  was built to make your work easier, and your appointment scheduling calendar smarter by giving you the tools you need to grow your appointment-based business. Our reliable and easy-to-use patient reminder software can significantly decrease the number of no-shows you incur by sending customizable reminder messages. It can also increase customer retention and satisfaction through follow-up messages.

Seamless Integration with Your PMS

Our Patient Appointment Reminder Software  can be integrated with any practice management software, which makes you more productive, helps save time, and impresses patients. Text appointment reminder software pulls contact details and relevant patient information for every conversation by syncing with your PMS. As a result, your team can have seamless conversations with your patients.

Faster Communication with Your Patients

Never miss an appointment again! Interphase Patient Reminder System records and timestamps all messages on our dashboard for quick access when needed. Armed with real-time accurate and actionable data, you can review what happened in your practice and plan for anything with our medical appointment reminder software.

Give yourself more time to deliver great patient care with our patient appointment reminder software 

Stay on Time

Our patient appointment reminder software helps you stay on schedule and let your patients know that you value their time by keeping track of the patients’ arrival, wait, and treatment times. Our patient reminder software provides an ongoing status of every patient’s appointments, and lets you know of any delays in the schedule. By keeping track of patient flow and visualizing delays you can make adjustments to stay on track. We are sure your patients will appreciate the convenience of non-invasive communications customized to their preference.


Features of Our Text Appointment Reminder Software

Take your patient communication to an entirely new level. Remind your patients about their upcoming appointments with personalized and customizable email, text, and phone call appointment reminders according to their communication preference. With email, text messages, and phone calls, our automated appointment reminder software helps you to get in touch with your patients the way they like to be contacted.

SMS Messages

Communicate and send messages with a single click! Make your messages more compelling by adding your customized messages to make them feel like you are more concerned about them.

Group Messages

You can send bulk messages to active, inactive, or all patients with our group messages feature. You can also send schedule reminders and follow up messages to patients who have already scheduled an appointment.


Remind and reach patients by sending customized emails about their appointment schedule with our Interphase’s Patient Appointment Reminder Software.

Message History

Communication log lets you view  entire communication history of each patient. Confirmed appointments will be automatically marked confirmed in practice with our text appointment reminder software.

Phone Calls

Based on your patient’s preference, you can contact patients via phone calls. Patients can easily confirm/ cancel/request to reschedule the appointment with our medical appointment reminder software.


Triggers a personalized sequence of communication to bring your inactive patients back to the practice. Generates a list of unresponsive patients to help you get in touch with them quickly.

Interphase does not just improve your patient communication – it also improves the outcome of every call.


Are you ready to offer a seamless online appointment experience to your patients? 

We can help with our text appointment reminder software. Schedule a demo with us and discover how we can help your dental practice to attract more patients, modernize the patient experience, and drive great revenue.

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