If you manage your dental practice along with treating patients, you know how frustrating missed appointments can be. Right? No-shows don’t just waste valuable time; they may disturb your revenue too. That’s why you should have a patient appointment reminder system in your practice. 

To implement a successful appointment reminder system, you must initially understand why no-shows occur in dental practices. Interphase patient appointment reminder system improves office efficiency and your overall production. 

With our patient reminder system, you can contact patients at their convenience that save your team valuable time. Automated SMS, emails, voice calls, and what’s more our online scheduling software enables your dental practices to reach patients more efficiently and effectively. You can also reach patients in the ways they prefer; you can improve both your office efficiency and your overall production.

Remind Appointments Automatically

Interphase’s appointment reminder system automatically sends dental appointment reminders through text messages, emails, and voice to keep your dental practice organized and increase patient communication. 

Each patient reminder allows patients to confirm their scheduled appointments. Confirmed appointments automatically appear in the appointment list, so you can easily see which patients still need to be contacted. You can also customize the reminders to fit your practice’s needs. As early reminders provide more advanced notice of cancellations, you’re more likely to fill any openings in the schedule. Reducing no-shows helps you see more patients per day and enhances revenue for your practice. 

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