If you are a dental practice owner, then you well know the hurdles and importance of building a relationship with your patients.

You probably already know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to build a relationship with patients, it takes time. There are many dental practice software programs that can easily assist with this, and our Patient Relationship & Analytics software, Interphase, is no exception.

In this digital era, patients are not only expecting top-notch dental care but also expecting a great experience from both provider and practice. From scheduling appointments to making payments, patients expect everything to be smooth and intuitive, without being intrusive.

What will you need to improve patient relationships and retention?

And how can you improve communication with patients?

Keeping all of your patients and practice’s requirements in mind, we created a few features that will help you make it easier to win over patients, both new and active patients. Here’s how our Patient Relationship & Analytics Software improves communication between practices and patients.

Two-Way messages: With Interphase, you can make your messages more compelling by adding in one of our customized messages to make them feel you are more concerned about them. With this feature, you can also give your patients an easy and convenient way to get ahold of your practice.

A snapshot view of all your calls in one place. Based on your patient’s preference, you can make and receive calls using our seamless dashboard. This feature gives access to records, treatments, and family information of your patients all in one spot. With this feature, patients can easily confirm, cancel, or request to reschedule the appointment.

Confirm and remind about appointments: With our patient reminder system, you can lower your no-show rate with our appointment reminder system. Patients can confirm and schedule appointments from their smartphones by just replying to the text message. This gives busy patients a convenient way to confirm without answering a phone call.

Automate patient recall: Make patients feel that you care about their dental health with regular reminders to schedule their visits. The text message reminders come with an easy way to schedule appointments.

Identify incomplete treatments: Patients may forget about their treatments in their busy day-to-day. So, with Interphase, you can easily find and contact those patients to get them in your practice to finish their treatments.

Schedule appointments online: With this feature, you can give your patients the flexibility and freedom to schedule their appointments online anytime and anywhere. Now you can skip phone calls and save your employee’s time and energy. Not to mention your busy patients who will surely love this seamless convenience.

Send birthday messages: You should show your patients that you’re really paying attention and care about each of them. With Interphase, you can achieve this by sending customized birthday messages to each of your patients.

These are some of the ways that Interphase allows you to build patient relationships, which help you to increase patient retention. Each new patient is quite expensive to acquire, so building ever-lasting relationships with patients will be rewarded with loyalty and, hopefully, referrals!

Do you want to learn more about Interphase and it’s great features? Call us today and schedule a free demo!