Online Appointment Scheduling

While scheduling an appointment over the phone and on the go, it’s a tough job to come up with an answer to the question “when is a good time for you?”

Isn’t it?

Absolutely. Yes. Because everyone is busy with their own works. Things may come up and many things come down without notice, so anything you can do to make scheduling easier for your patients is bound to make things easier for your dental practice’s staff as well.

This is why online appointment scheduling has become just not a helpful one, but it is a time-saving as well as a stress-reducing resource, which can help your patients experience a greater sense of control over their appointments and calendar.

Well, we’ll describe scheduling stress and how easy-to-use online appointment scheduling can help alleviate and even eliminate it.

About Scheduling Stress

Let’s take a look at two common scenarios to paint a portrait of the scheduling stress.

Scenario 1: The Phone Call

To make a phone call to your patients, you must have access to the phone number record. Your staff should make calls to patients the entire day. And on an average, out of 10 calls, only 2 or 3 patients may turn up for their dental appointment.

And during the call, when your patient is on-line, your staff should access appointment scheduling books/records, they need to pull up the calendar, and then they need to pick the patient’s available time based on the provider’s available time slot. After spending several minutes on one single call, the patient may schedule an appointment or not.

Note: As per research, it’ll take 8-minutes to schedule one appointment over a phone call.

Moreover, your staff should do after-call work of putting this scheduled appointment on your practice’s calendar.

Summing up, a phone call is a stressful activity for both your patients and your staff.

Scenario 2: The Online Appointment Scheduling System

Imagine a scenario – A patient grabbed a phone while on the go or waiting for his/her next meeting to start. Maybe they’re being jostled by the pizza crowds or pushing a shopping cart through the supermarket. They’re tired, they’re busy, but they have a free hand and a couple of minutes to spare. They may click on your website and pull up the appointment scheduling software and they can schedule their appointments based on their availability. What’s more! Our Interphase also helps your staff to check the scheduled appointments. Isn’t easy?

Which process would you like to repeat? Scenario 1 or Scenario 2.

How to Fix It?

The simple truth is that online appointment scheduling software like Interphase is more convenient and efficient for both your staff and patients. With the Interphase online appointment system, patients can choose their available time at their convenience and schedule their appointment instantly – no more phone calls. This makes your patient journey smooth and seamless, from booking an appointment to stepping through your dental practice’s door. Our easy-to-use Online Appointment Scheduling also helps you fill more appointments and helps to enhance ROI.

Happier patients. More Appointments. More Revenue.

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