Interphase provides dental practices with all the required features from a seamless dashboard to patient appointment reminders. While we love to see our customers happy, we know that some of them can face challenges as well. Interphase helps you to reduce stress and keep your practice running smoothly for dental treatments of kids as well. What’s more! Interphase also helps dental practices to turn new patients into everlasting patients.

Custom Patient Reminders and Alerts to Aid with Patient Care

Implementing a visual dashboard that displays metrics you need to know about the patients in your practice could be a game-changer for your dental practice! Right? That’s why, we’ve built a seamless Dashboard, which will keep dental practices organized and provides the ability to create patient reminders about each patient.

Here’s a small real-time scenario, which was experienced by one of our customers. 

One day, Emma calls the dental practice to schedule a cleaning and whitening process for her little munchkin Lilly. She clearly explained that Lilly is terrified of the dentist. To top it off, she also has an allergy to dental treatment. While on the call, the front office staff pulls up the Interphase Dashboard and place two visual alerts on her file, indicating her dental treatment allergy and nervousness.

During Lilly’s appointment, our customer’s team is visually alerted through the dashboard of those concerns and the other team acts accordingly, keeping the team united and preventing miscommunication. Both Emma and Lilly are pleasantly surprised by their level of attentiveness and care during their visit and become loyal patients to our customer’s practice.

Interphase automatically provides relevant data from your practice management software and further combines it with real-time actionable data to avoid overlapping and to deliver actionable information. You can also be able to optimize dental flow, reduce delays, and patients’ waiting times using our Interphase.

Appointment Reminders

Interphase offers an incredible way to engage and communicate with patients seamlessly through our appointment patient reminders system. Automated reminders via text, call or email are an excellent way for patients to stay organized and they can be automatically notified via a text, SMS of their upcoming scheduled appointments. 

Find Perfect Solutions with Interphase!

Providing dental care to pediatric patients is not always easy. You never know what kind of a kid you are going to get in your dental practice. To deal with such cases easily, we provide benefits with our dashboard, patient reminder system, and online appointment scheduling system.

To conclude, you can experience hassle-free workflow, and provide your patients with the best experience, schedule a demo with us! We will assist you on how to improvise your dental practice, attract more patients, and enrich their experience besides driving great ROI to your practice.