Do you want to grow your practice?

This is the biggest question all dental practice owners must ask themselves.

We believe, being dentists or dental practice owners, you must constantly look for ways to improve your practice, provide patient satisfaction, and grow your bottom line. Are we right?

Yes, of course! 😊

Well, Patient communication software such as Interphase can help you improve growth and also simplifies many tasks to improve efficiency and reduce strain on you and your front office team.

Now, you may be wondering, “Is a patient communication software really help me to achieve my dental practice’s goals?”

We’ve got you! Our Interphase delivers insights to help you craft great experiences that leave positive impressions on your patients. Those impressions are the strong foundation of your practice’s growth.

Here are a few things about how our Interphase helps you get accelerating growth:

Scheduling Appointments Online:

If patients want to book an appointment, they have to contact your practice and find an open slot – a time-consuming process for everyone involved. Today, many patients prefer to schedule their appointments online, and our Interphase can enable just that. Select available providers slots from your calendar, let patients pick the slot they prefer, and keep your schedule booked with a minimum of effort.

Sending Appointment Reminders:

Scheduling is no small feat – It’s a balancing act of planning availability and timing appointments. Reminding your patients manually requires exhaustively listing and calling each upcoming visitor. Interphase removes this burden from your front office, syncing with your schedule, and reminding patients of their appointments automatically.

Confirming Patient Appointments

 When a patient schedules an appointment, Interphase will automatically confirm the date and place it on your PMS calendar. What’s more! An additional confirmation can be sent to your email so you can keep track of appointments without checking your dashboard.

Recalling Patients

Once your patients have completed treatment, they may forget about their future regular cleanings or follow-up appointments. So, if you don’t keep in touch with them, you may lose further appointments. Interphase keeps track of every patient’s needs and can remind them to schedule follow-ups, bringing in new appointments, and saving your staff valuable time. This helps you deliver a personalized experience that wows patients and shows you really care, building patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Summing up:

Properly utilized, patient communication software like Interphase can help you increase more ROI, bringing in new appointments as well as encouraging existing patients to receive more treatments. In short, Interphase can help simplify your practice’s day-to-day operations and enable you to provide your patients with the best experience possible, both of which fuel growth.

You might be surprised by the growth! Interphase has all features. Schedule a demo to learn about the benefits of Interphase.